Instantly exchange your Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies and vice versa

Bitcoin Instant Exchange

What is this?

You can convert your Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and others using our instant exchange. You can switch the coins by clicking the arrow to select any cryptocurrency you want to coin swap with. We support as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

How does the exchange work?

We have partnered with CoinSwitch to give you a seamless and easy way to swap your coins in exchange for other coins. Just start by selecting the coin and enter in the amount, then click continue. Enter in the receiving cryptocurrency address (the coin you want to convert to) and click Exchange. Then send the amount on the next screen to begin the coin exchange. The process if fast, low cost and the coins should arrive in your wallet within a few minutes depending on the blockchain confirmation times and your wallet.

Buy with your credit card

If you're looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your credit card instead of doing a coin swap, head on over to Gemini, which is the world's most trusted exchange. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. is a web service dedicated to providing Bitcoin market stats and charting data on some key components of the Bitcoin network such as Bitcoin exchanges. CoinSalad monitors all the major USD-currency based exchanges on the market providing near real-time market data. Listed exchanges have shown to have steady and decent volume. Learn more about CoinSalad or feel free to contact us. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad. 2023 ❤ Help support development of this service by making a donation.